Governance and fundraising

Help with our fundraising
  • Lavenham Pre-school is a company in the form of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered on 1st July 2019.  Previously it had operated as an unincorporated charity. 

    The Governing Document of the Pre-school is its Constitution, a link to which is included within Constitution and Policies .

    The Pre-school is managed by an elected Board of Trustees with a broad range of skills and experience, which meets regularly.  Parents are encouraged to become Trustees. 

  • Lavenham Pre School, Suffolk - Committee and fundraising

  • The current Trustees are as follows:

    Roy Mawford – Chairman

    David Carse – Vice-Chairman

    Chris Bassett – Treasurer

    Sarah Crouch – Secretary

    Jill Jones

    Sue Knight

    Krissy Hornigold


    The Parents’ Committee is separate from, but works with, the Board of Trustees. Members of the Committee do not need to be elected but are welcome to join. In addition to acting as a forum for views of parents, the Committee is actively involved in fundraising for the Pre-school, e.g. food and drink stall at the village Christmas fair, cake stalls, sponsored events, etc. Our fundraising activities have been interrupted by the Covid situation but it is hoped to resume when things improve.
    When you shop with Sainsbury, Amazon or other shopping online, you can use Easyfundraising to raise money for the Pre-school.  You can sign up at  Please enter Lavenham Pre-school as your cause.