Dates & Prices

Prices, Opening times and Term Dates
  • Opening Hours

    Monday 8am – 5pm

    Tuesday 8am – 5pm

    Wednesday 8am – 1.15pm

    Thursday 8am – 5pm

    Friday 8am – 5pm

    We may open until 6pm dependent on demand.

    The pre-school is open five days a week, offering breakfast club, morning and afternoon sessions, lunch club, an after-hours club (little owls) and all-day care. We cater for children from 2 years to school age, preparing them for entry into mainstream schooling.


  • Lavenham Pre School, Suffolk, - Dates and Prices

  • Session Prices - September 2020

    Our sessions times and prices are as below, all payable per half term in advance. Invoices are issued half termly however payment plans are available. Our pricing is within the LEA grant funding so that every child has the opportunity to attend.

    Breakfast Club

    8am – 9.15am


    Pre-school AM

    9.15am – 12.15pm


    Lunch Club

    12.15pm – 1.15pm


    Pre-school PM
    inc lunch club.
    12.15pm – 3.15pm


    Little Owls

    3.15pm – 4pm


    Little Owls

    3.15pm – 4.30pm


    Little Owls

    3.15pm – 5.00pm


    Little Owls

    3.15pm – 5.30pm


    Little Owls

    3.15pm – 6.00pm


    All Day

    8.00am – 6.00pm

  • Term Dates

    Summer 2020

    Term Starts 20th April 2020

    Half Term w/c 25th May 2020

    PD Day 1st June 2020

    Term Ends 22nd July 2020

    Autumn 2020

    PD Day 1st September

    PD Day 2nd September

    Term Starts 3rd September

    Half Term w/c 26th October

    PD Day 2nd November

    Term Ends 18th December

    Spring 2021

    PD Day 4th January

    Term Starts 5th January

    Half Term w/c 15th February

    Term Ends 26th March

    Summer 2021

    Term Starts 12th April

    PD Day 28th May

    Half Term w/c 31st May

    Term Ends 20th July


  • Goverment Funding Help at Lavenham Pre-school

    Lavenham Pre-school accepts 15 or 30 hours government funding for 2, 3 and 4 year olds for all sessions. For more information please follow these links or speak to the Pre-school manager for further information.

    With effect from 24/09/18 funded 15 hours can be used for pre-school sessions between 9.15am and 3.15pm

    Free early education for 2-year-olds – Click Here
    Free early education for 3 and 4-year-olds – Click Here


    Free 30 hour funding –  CLICK HERE TO VIEW PAGE

    For parents choosing to access over their 15 or 30 hours free entitlement, parents will be charged for the excess hours accessed and an invoice will be issued under our normal procedures. 

  • We organise the day so that children can take part in a variety of child-chosen and adult-led activities. These take account of children’s changing energy levels throughout the day. We cater for children’s individual needs for rest and quiet activities during the day. Outdoor activities contribute to children’s health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them.

    • Arrivals
      Children and parents/carers are welcomed into the setting. Children are encouraged by the parents to find their name and put it on their coat peg. Parents sign children in.
    • Registration
      Children are asked to come and make themselves comfortable on the carpet. We use this time for counting, news and activities available.
    • Session Time
      Free Flow Play – Children can choose between indoor or outdoor play. A daily adult focussed activity may also be available.
    • Free Flow Snack (AM & PM)
      Children find their name, choose a plate and cup. They choose from water or milk to drink. Children are encouraged to butter their own bread or cracker as well as peeling and chopping fruit.
    • Tidy up Time
      Children are encouraged to help to tidy away the toys.
    • Circle Time
      Children are led by an adult in a story, singing or movement group activity.
    • 'Little Owls’
      Quieter activities to end a busy day.
    • Collection
      Parents/Carers collect children and any crafts etc, can be collected. Staff are also available at this time for informal discussions or queries.

    ** Please note this routine is very flexible and can be subject to change, adaptation and spontaneity! **