Dates & Prices

Prices, Opening times and Term Dates
  • From the start of the Spring Term, we will be amending our pricing structure and also expanding our opening hours.  In addition, we will be restarting our Breakfast Club (8.00 – 9.00am) and Afternoon Club (from 4.00pm) provided there is sufficient demand.

  • The new session times and charges, which will take effect from January 2022, are set out below.
    Time & session name

    Breakfast Club
    (Private session)

    1 Hour

    Including breakfast

    Morning session

    3 hours (can use funding) 

    £19.00 *snack chargeable*

    Lunch Club
    (Private Session)

    1 hour

    Including two course Hot Lunch

    Afternoon session

    3 hours (can use funding)

    £19.00 *snack chargeable*


    Afternoon Club
    (Private Session)

    1 hour

    Including tea

  • Lavenham Pre School, Suffolk, - Dates and Prices

    **Private Sessions are not included within funded hours**

    **Breakfast Club and Afternoon club will be subject to demand**

    For existing children presently using funded hours for lunch club this can be continued up until July 2022. The children will have an option to bring in a packed lunch or if they would like a hot lunch there will be a small charge of £3.50.

    For new parents or existing parents whose children do not currently attend lunch club but would like to add this, the £8.50 fee will be apply.

  • Term Dates

    Autumn 2021

    Term ends 17th December

    Spring 2022

    PD Day 4th January
    Term Starts 5th January
    Half Term w/c 21st February
    PD Day 28th February
    Term Ends 7th April
    PD Day 8th April

    Summer 2022

    Term Starts 25th April
    Half-term w/c 30th May
    Terms ends 21st July

  • Goverment Funding

    2-year-old Funding 

    Are you entitled to funding?

    Please find below the link to the Government website to find out if you are eligible for funding for your 2-year-old.

    Help paying for childcare: Free education and childcare for 2-year-olds – GOV.UK (


    15 Hours Funding

    Children are entitled to Government funding for 15 hours per week starting the term after their third birthday.


    30 Hours Funding

    Are you entitled to 30 hours of free childcare for your child?

    We have included a link to the Government website, where you can check your eligibility and apply online. If you are successful, you will be issued with a 30 hour funding code that we will require here at the Pre-School before the end of each old Term ready for the start of the following new Term.

     30 hours free childcare – GOV.UK (

    You can apply from when your child is 2 years and 36 weeks old.

    The table below provides a guide as to how the system works:

    When your child turns 3 When they can get 30 hours from Recommended time to apply
    1st September to 31st December Term starting on or after 1st January 15th October to 30th November
    1st January to 31st March Term starting on or after 1st April 15th January to 28th February
    1st April to 31st August Term starting on or after 1st September 15th June to 31st July